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We inspire and transform lives one story at a time. We help educators, entrepreneurs, and experts write and publish their ​dynamic books in 120 days so they can go from unnoticed to unstoppable.

Our vision is to help 1000 women of color to tell their stories by December 31, 2025, at 11:59 pm CST. We ain't playin'.

Through masterclasses, group coaching, and my publishing services, clients work on story development, editing, book ​formatting, and guidance on the self-publishing process within 120 days.

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Don't Know What Book You Should Write?


Future Author Starter Package

Approximately 80% of Americans want to write a book versus the 3% who complete their book.

The Future Author program gets you to the 3% faster than you would on your own. This done-with-you publishing service helps ​you write and publish your book in 90 days. We help you turn your idea into a magnetic and dynamic book.

If you want to write a book but need a plan, time, or support to ​publish your book, this program is for YOU. We can help you.

Package includes:

✔ On-demand Masterclass

The Write Mind Exploration

2-Month Story Development ​Group Coaching

✔ 4-Week Group Editing Workshops

✔ Up to 2 hours of transcription

✔ Professional Book Editing

✔ Professional Book Formatting

✔ Professional Book Cover Design

✔ Publishing upload to Amazon KDP

Are you ready to start ​writing? Join now to start your book writing ​journey. The next group coaching cohort begins Feb. 4, 2023.

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Client Testimonials

We are honored to serve you

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Heather 'Byrd' has been uncompromising in ​her support of writing my first book. She ​fiercely believes in the writer that I am and ​focuses on growing the writer that I want to ​be. She forges a partnership with you, so that ​your book journey is not a siloned one.

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- Catherine Wong | Author of th​e forthcoming book, Hush Storie​s

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Byrd helps put your thoughts and ​ideas on ​paper. If you’re having ​ideas you can’t ​communicate, she ​helps coach it out of you. I ​was ​struggling with what was ​necessary to ​say, a fear of over ​sharing and so it was ​causing a ​lack of true vulnerability. She ​​helped remove the shame I felt ​about my ​truth. She has an ​uncanny ability to call you ​out ​when she knows you're holding ​back.

- Janah Dawson | Contributor in the ​International Award-Winning issue

I See You

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I reached out to Heather to sort through all of ​the things that's in my head. Heather was so ​gracious and patient with me. She helped me ​sift through all the stories, all the details in ​my head, and organize them. She is so ​excited about just the ideas that it made me ​excited. It made me feel like my story ​mattered and I can do this. I am so glad I ​paused to remember Heather, her gift, and ​see her wings and to reach out to her for ​help.

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- Rosiland Malone |​ Speaker

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About Heather 'Byrd'

She is the first of her name. Giver of giggles and ​hugs. Catalyst of voice, story, and ​badassery. ​Queen of quirky. Creator of legacy and ​possibilities. Writer of inspiration and ​word ​witchery. Believer of magick and rebirth. Holder of ​sun and moon. High priestess of ​HummingByrds. ​Winner of awards. Lover of tacos, bubbles, ​balloons, and tea. Defier of ​gravity and language. ​Spreader of wings and dreams.

Each of her stories tastes like ripe mangos, ​cayenne pepper, or an eclectic combination of ​the ​two. She is the author of Mahogany: A Love Letter To Black. Byrd’s work has appeared ​in several festivals including The Chicago Theatre Festival and the St. Louis Fringe with ​HERstory of HIStory and inHERitance: the stories we carry. Her work has also a ​contributor in Expressions of ​Englewood, Hope Ignited: Stories of Hope By Women For ​Women, and Trouble The Waters: Tales from the ​Deep Blue.

Most recently, she won the 2022 International Anthem ​Award in diversity, equity, and inclusion ​for her ​work on the “I See You” issue of the Cornell Report ​alongside Google, HBO Max, BBC, ​National ​Geographic, Netflix, and The Daily Show with ​Trevor Noah.

Her favorite words are balloon and bubble.

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