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Byrd's World builds intentional community through self-liberation, reclamation, recognition, and authentic joy.

Through masterclasses, coaching, and publishing services, you can work on story development, editing, book ​formatting, and guidance through the self-publishing process.

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Future Author 3M Script Membership

A writing community focused on your mindset, marketing, & manuscript that takes your writing to the next level, and cut your writing time in half so you can move you from idea to published author get your book done faster.

3-Hour On-Demand Masterclass

Do you want to write a book but don't know where to begin? Let Me Show You How You Can Begin to Write Your First Book. Get access to the tools and easy-to-follow strategies to help you outline your book.

1:1 Coaching

If you want to write a book but need a plan, time, or support, this program is for YOU. We can help you move you from concept to completion while walking you through the story development process.

Done With You Publishing Service

We remove the stress of publishing by managing each step you need to get your book into the hands of your ideal reader. This service includes professional book editing, book formatting, book cover design, and more.


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About Heather 'Byrd'

She is the first of her name. Giver of giggles and ​hugs. Catalyst of voice, story, and ​badassery. ​Queen of quirky. Creator of legacy and ​possibilities. Writer of inspiration and ​word ​witchery. Believer of magick and rebirth. Holder of ​sun and moon. High priestess of ​HummingByrds. ​Winner of awards. Lover of tacos, bubbles, ​balloons, and tea. Defier of ​gravity and language. ​Spreader of wings and dreams.

Each of her stories tastes like ripe mangos, ​cayenne pepper, or an eclectic combination of ​the ​two. She is the author of Mahogany: A Love Letter To Black. Byrd’s work has appeared ​in several festivals including The Chicago Theatre Festival and the St. Louis Fringe with ​HERstory of HIStory and inHERitance: the stories we carry. Her work has also a ​contributor in Expressions of ​Englewood, Hope Ignited: Stories of Hope By Women For ​Women, and Trouble The Waters: Tales from the ​Deep Blue.

Most recently, she won the 2022 International Anthem ​Award in diversity, equity, and inclusion ​for her ​work on the “I See You” issue of the Cornell Report ​alongside Google, HBO Max, BBC, ​National ​Geographic, Netflix, and The Daily Show with ​Trevor Noah.

Her favorite words are balloon and bubble

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